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Student Activities

Chemistry Day

Chemistry Day is an annual activity which gathers students, alumni, and teachers to share their experiences and laboratory research.

Students have the opportunities to participate in research project competition and share their research results with others also experts off-campus.

Besides, the speech of outstanding alumni is a good approach to help students realize the industry and the resourses they can utilize.

With this grand gathering, the department build solid consensus and connections among one another.

Orientation Activity

The orientation activity assists incoming college students to navigate life on campus also builds bonds of friendship with each other.

Year-end Banquet

Year-end banquet is mainly for international students to exchange their learning and living on campus ,also sharing their thoughts with chairman of the department. In the banquet, students can not only meet pepole from different countries but taste the local delicacies in Taiwan, leaving a deep impression on the tastes!

Christmas Party

Christmas Party is held by the student association of chemistry and other departments. Performances, interaction, and multiple activities are included. Have a happy and crazy night!

For international students, the the Office of International Affairs also provides diverse activities such as Chinese learning and cultural experiences, please follow OIA.