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5-Year Bachelor-Master Program

5-Year Bachelor-Master Program

Five-Year Undergraduate and Mater’s Degrees is set to encourage outstanding undergraduate students of the Department of Chemistry to continue studying master’s degree in the department in order to achieve effects of continuous education and shorten study periods.

Undergraduate students who have completed five semesters of study may be recommended by one faculty member of the department to apply to the department by deadlines specified in departmental calendars in the second semester of the third year. Relevant committees of the department will host public selections by recommendations and select eight students.

The selected students hold qualifications of preparatory students of master’s degrees (hereinafter referred to as “the preparatory students”).

After obtaining qualifications of the preparatory students, the undergraduate students are required to complete and obtain undergraduate degrees within study periods (excluding periods of study extensions) and participate in entry by recommendations or entry by examinations of master’s degree courses in the same year. Once entered, students are officially qualified as master’s degree research students.

Postgraduate courses studied during undergraduate study periods may be used to apply for credit transferences for master’s degree students’ compulsory credits. In cases of the postgraduate course credits have been accounted for undergraduate graduating credits, the same credits may not be used to apply for credit transferences for master’s degree courses credits.

All students are required to meet regulations of undergraduate and master’s degrees of the department.

The number of selected students is part of the places of master’s degree course student recruitments of the same school year.

Regulations of Five-Year Undergraduate and Mater's Degrees