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Research Areas

The expertise and research interests of the professors in the department can be roughly divided into the following fields:

Organic Chemistry

The research scope includes the development of new synthetic methods, the synthesis of natural products and drugs, the application of transition metal chemistry in organic synthesis, the discussion of reaction mechanisms, the synthesis of unstable compounds and the research of liquid crystal materials.

Inorganic Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry

The main research projects include the synthesis of supramolecular coordination compounds, the synthesis and application of organometallic chemistry, homogeneous phase catalysts, luminescent materials, inorganic photoelectrochemistry, nanoparticle preparation, nanowire preparation and other chemistry and physical inorganic chemistry.

Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry

Research directions can be roughly divided into chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, catalytic reactions, nanotechnology, laser chemistry and theoretical calculations.

Analytical Chemistry

Research projects are mainly electroanalytical chemistry, atomic spectroscopy analysis technology, nanoanalysis technology, mass spectrometry chemistry and biochemical analysis.