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Features | Department of Cemistry in NSYSU

Life in department of chemistry in NSYSU

  1. Experienced faculty
  2. Advanced chemistry knowledge
  1. Many research centers that are first established here in NSYSU, such as Aerosol Science or Rapid Screening Technology
  2. Other technology and knowledge about chemistry that only in NSYSU.
  1. With mountains and ocean surrounded, our campus is the best place for you to learn and explore.
  2. Sailing, diving, archery and many other unique extracurricular activities only here in NSYSU.
  1. You will be well-prepared for international job market.
  2. We have English-taught program and English Corner for you to improve English ability.
  1. Professional faculty from various areas.
  1. Diverse colearning courses to enhance different knowledge.
  1. Scholarsips are provided.
  1. Chances to do topic research
  2. Opportunities for internship
  1. Welcome to join Department of Chemistryand explore more!