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Value-Adding Courses

PM2.5 Aerosols, Environment and Life Co-learning Program

Asia's first integrated program mainly focus on PM2.5 Aerosols. Through the progam, students are able to have deep understanding of PM2.5 Aerosols and its related topics.

Health and Medicine Program

The progem focus on daily health and medical issues. Students learn the way to maintain physical and memtal health and other related information.
Courses: Health and Medicine Program

Food Safety Program

The pogram are designed by teachers and food safety experts from various areas, focusing on detection technology, biomedical toxicology, laws and policies, and case studies. Besides, enterprise visits are arranged for studnets to learn how to solve problems practically.
Courses: Food Safety Program

Natural Medicine Synthesis Program

The program integrates organic synthesis, biochemistry, and other areas relasted to biomedical technology, providing students a thorough understanding of medicine synthesis.
Courses: Natural Medicine Synthesis Program

Organic and Meterial Synthesis Program

Based on chemistry, the program focus on organic and material synthesis from the view of atom and molecule, aimimg on cultivatiing students' ability on synthesis application.
Courses: Organic and Meterial Synthesis Program

Program Coding Application of Science Program

The program aims on cultivationg students' ability on program coding to solve problems during their chemical research.
Courses: Program Coding Application of Science Program