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Department of Chemistry at National Sun Yat-Sen University was established in 1981,exactly one year after the re-establishment of the university in Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Following the success of undergraduate program, the graduate program which offered Master degree in chemistry was initiated in 1985 and was extended to incorporate doctoral degree in 1989. The demand for space accommodation of this rapid expansion resulted in the construction of a six-story chemistry building completed in 1990.

The Department emphasizes both teaching and research in all areas of chemical science. To better coordinate the research efforts, the following four topics have been identified as our primary research direction:

1.Synthetic and material chemistry

2.Analytical chemistry

3.Laser and surface chemistry

4.Chemical technology

After a decade of growth, the number of faculty reached 22 in 2006. In addition, the Department employs three technicians and two assistants. There are 49 freshmen joining the Department each year. The graduate program recruits 46 domestic master students and 10 doctoral students every year.The Department enjoys the financial supports form Minstry of Education, National Science Council, and various government and private agencies. The fund received for research exceeded NT$40 millions/per year recently.

The atmosphere of the Department is that of young and enthusiastic one. Many juniors and seniors participate in research projects. Most faculty members take part in various student activities. The family like feeling provides both faculty and students and excellent environment for learning and self improvement. The Department has been and will always be an incubator for fine chemists at all levels.