Seminar for Spring 2024

Faculty Position—Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University (Extension Deadline : July 15th, 2024)

The Department of Chemistry invites applications for several faculty positions in Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry (heterogeneous catalysis, surface/interface chemistry, or multiphase chemistry).

Postdoctoral or similar level of research experience is mandatory.

The appointment will start from Feb. 1st, 2025 or August 1st, 2025.

A complete package, including

(1) a curriculum vitae with a publication list, (2) a research plan with start-up and instrument needs, (3) a brief statement of teaching interests, and (4) three letters of recommendation (including one from Ph.D. advisor), should be received by July 15, 2024.

Please send the application to the Search Committee, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University, 70 Lien-Hai Road, Kaohsiung 80424, Taiwan,

or via email at jtlee@faculty.nsysu.edu.tw.

ANATEK SCHOLARSHIP Application (Deadline: by 17:00 on Nov. 13)
For those who intend to apply for the "ANATEK SCHOLARSHIP" this semester, please ensure that you have the application form and the necessary documents ready and submit them to the department office by 17:00 on Nov. 13 (Monday). The list of recipients will be posted on the department's website by Nov. 24 (Friday), and the awards will be presented on Chemistry Day, which falls on Dec. 02 (Saturday).

Undergraduate Chemistry Department English Course Scholarship Application (Deadline: Nov. 8th by 5:00 PM)

For students applying for the "English Proficiency Examination Award" or "Academic Excellence Scholarship" this semester, please submit the application form and relevant documents to the department office by 17:00 on Nov. 8th (Wednesday). Scholarships and certificates will be awarded after committee approval.

Please refer to the attachment for eligibility criteria.

Seminar for Fall 2023

Regulations for Ph.D. Qualifying Examination and Degree Examination
Regulations for Ph.D. Qualifying Examination and Degree Examination

Dr. Chia C. Wang's research team found that water plays multifunctional roles in the intervening formation of secondary organic aerosols in ozonolysis of limonene

National Sun Yat-sen University and Japan’s Largest Scientific Instrument Manufacturer Team Up to Advance Emergency Medicine Research with Cutting-Edge Mass Spectrometry Instruments

The Rapid Screening Research Center for Toxicology and Biomedicine (RSRCTB) at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) officially announced the collaboration with Shimadzu Corporation (Shimadzu), the largest analytical and measuring instruments manufacturer in Japan on March 10th, 2023. NSYSU has established the first Satellite Laboratory in Taiwan, utilizing varied kinds of chemical analytical instruments manufactured by Shimadzu, aiming to demonstrate applications in advanced fields of science, such as emergency medicine, toxicology, pharmacy, forensic science, food safety, environmental and industrial chemistry.

NSYSU News Link👉https://www.nsysu.edu.tw/p/406-1000-306254,r5187.php?Lang=en

Dr. Hsuan-Hung Liao's research team presents the success of innovative pharmaceutical synthesis, a milestone of sustainable green technology

Hsuan-Hung Liao, a recipient of the Yushan Young Fellow Program and an assistant professor of the Department of Chemistry at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), successfully established a silica-supported solvent-free method for the synthesis of oxaspirolactones, along with the use of abundant natural resources such as sunlight and air in Kaohsiung as crucial ingredients. This methodology is proven more environmentally safe and cost-efficient than conventional ones. The findings have been published in the globally renowned research journal Green Chemistry.

NSYSU News Link👉https://www.nsysu.edu.tw/p/406-1000-305607,r5187.php?Lang=en

Green Chemistry Link👉https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2022/gc/d2gc03598g

Seminar for Spring 2023

2023 Spring Semester Application for Direct Admission to Ph.D Program

Application Date:Jan. 30th~Feb. 3rd

Seminar for Fall 2022

NSYSU’s Pioneering Green Hydrogen Production Tech Reduces Cost by 1/1000

The research group Chun-Hu Chen, a professor at the Department of Chemistry of National Sun Yat-sen University developed the novel “acidic redox-assisted deposition” technology to create a new generation of complex oxide electrocatalysts. The catalysts produced are 4.6 times more active than the commonly used nickel catalysts and can perform better than precious ruthenium-based catalysts. The method mainly uses iron and manganese, which greatly reduces the cost to 1/1000. The results of this research has been published in the ACS Energy Letters, one of the top international journals.

ACS Journal👉https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acsenergylett.2c01103

Media Report👉https://www.nsysu.edu.tw/p/406-1000-286595,r3244.php?Lang=en

Please complete Teaching Evaluation Survey by 6/05

Please complete Teaching Evaluation Survey by 6/05. Thank you!


Available for system:2022/5/20 (Fri.)~ 2022/6/05 (Sun.)

It is important that your answers as a reference for us to realize teachers’ teaching. As well, your responses to the questionnaire is CONFIDENTIAL and will not be returned to the instructor until the final grades being given. All of your opinions are welcome.

Research.com Rankings in 2022. NSYSU is ranked as the top 4 Chemistry Universities in Taiwan!

Research.com is one of the prominent platforms for computer science research on scientific contributions. Since 2014, it analyzes more than 1,742 institutions and over 9742 scientists to maintain reliable data, using data compiled from Microsoft Academic Graph, which is the most prominent and well-established bibliometric database of this type available to the scientific community.

Research.com adopts h-index. According to the Time Cited of journals, it can reflect a journal’s influence on research area and also the quality of journal publication for authors or institutions.

Recently, Research.com releases 2022’s rankings of domestic and international institutions and researchers, and NSYSU is ranked as the top 4 Chemistry Universities in Taiwan. Three of the professors in our department, including Prof. Hui-Fen Wu, Prof. Wei-Lung Tseng, and Prof. Jentaie Shiea have stellar record.

Link to Research.com 👉https://research.com/university-rankings/chemistry/tw

ICRT Interview with Prof. Cheng-Chau Chiu about bilingual education and English-taught program at NSYSU

✨ICRT Interview with Prof. Cheng-Chau Chiu✨

📌Topic: Introduction to bilingual education and English-taught program at NSYSU

Faculty in Our Department👉https://chem.nsysu.edu.tw/YSC/web_page/YSC060410_en.jsp

Prof. Cheng-Chau Chiu's Personal Website👉https://sites.google.com/site/compchemccc/home

Audio Resource:

Seminar for Spring 2022

Payment deadline of credit fees

Please note that the deadline for the payment of the credit fees is Nov. 9.

September 23th to September 29th all courses offered by NSYSU will be held online only

September 23th to September 29th all courses offered by NSYSU will be held online only.

Please complete teaching evaluation survey by 6/26
Please complete teaching evaluation survey by 6/26



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