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Our department provides an academic environment with the following features for students to learn and develop their interests:

Professional Training

We offer more than 40 courses, including topic studies and seminars, which encourage students to learn more depends on their interests. The courses are designed to enhance students’ theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. Student are encouraged to read more research papers and attend research job at professors’ lab.

Professional Faculty

Besides professional faculty we already have in the department, we still actively recruit prominent teachers from renowned universities.

International Cooperation and Exchange

Students can boost confidence and broaden horizons through interaction with professors and students from different backgrounds. Opportunities to study abroad are provided in our department which are highly encouraged.


Once freshmen entered the department, they will receive warm care from mentors. Mentors will also assist students with their academic counseling.

Advanced Equipment

The department of chemistry possesses the newest teaching and research equipment and the most advanced Precision Instruments Center.

Safe and Clean Environment for Research

We provide a safe and clean environment for research with fume hood in our labs, preventing students from the danger of toxic chemicals.


Dept. of Chemistry, 70 Lienhai Road, Kaohsiung 80424, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel:886-7-525-2000 ext. 3901 / 3902
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