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Dr. Jyh-Tsung Lee

Dr. Jyh-Tsung Lee Chair, Dean of College of Science
Research Areas Energy storage materials,Organic and polymeric materials chemistry, Lithium-ion batteries
highest education Ph. D., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Research room C6012
phone (07)5252000 分機3951
E-mail jtlee@faculty.nsysu.edu.tw
web https://nsysuc6011.wixsite.com/index
 Personal profile


Ph. D., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Master,National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.


Chair, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University (2018.8-present)
Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University (2018-present)
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University (2012-2018)
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University (2008-2012)
Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University (2008-present)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2006 - 2008)
Research Fellow, ITRI (2002 - 2006)

1.Energy Storage Materials

2.Organic and polymeric materials chemistry Lithium-ion batteries

3. Lithium-ion batteries

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