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Research Facilities
The Department is well equipped for teaching and research. Four major laboratories support undergraduate laboratory courses in general, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry. A stockroom provides all ingredients needed for running undergraduate laboratories.

Major instruments include : 200, 300, and 500 MHz FT-NMR; GC-Mass, LC-Mass, ICP-Mass, FT-Mass and MALDI-Mass spectrometer; Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer; FT-IR, UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer; Diode-array multichannel spectrophotometer; GC, IC, and HPLC; AA, Molecular Beam and Laser apparatus.

The Chemistry Department subscripts more than 60 journals and periodicals plus more than 40 series in special topics. It receives partial financial support from National Science Council and serves as the ‘chemical library center’ for southern Taiwan. In addition, the main library on campus has more than 2000 volumes of books in chemistry and related fields.