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Vicky Chang Administrative Assistant
Ext. 3902
Office SC3003
Responsibilities 1.Faculty affairs
2.Student affairs
3.Admission affairs
5.Official document
e-mail: vicky65@staff.nsysu.edu.tw

Hui-Wen Cheng Administrative Assistant
Ext. 3901
Office SC3003
Responsibilities 1.Budget and property management
3.Teaching assistant related affairs
4.Final exam of graduate degree
5.Cemistry library affairs
6.Door access control
e-mail: nie57@staff.nsysu.edu.tw

Annie Shih Assistant
Ext. 3904
Office SC3003
Responsibilities 1.Program on Bilingual Education
2.EMI Courses and Recruitment Promotion
3.Seminar arrangement
4.Website management
e-mail: annie@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

Yu-Cheng Hsu Technician
Ext. 3919
Office SC3003
Responsibilities 1.Toxic chemicals management
2.Lab safety
3.Equipment management of shared lab
4.Shared instruments management and operation
5.Chemical effluent management
6.Chamical and equipment storeroom management
e-mail: ychsu@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

Shu-Fen Cheng General Staff
Ext. 3901
Office SC3003
Responsibilities 1.Official doucument delivery
2.Mail delivery
3.Space clean-up and maintenance
e-mail: ychsu@mail.nsysu.edu.tw